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Antler Pen Memories

I was deer hunting in SE Kansas with my 13 year old son on December 7th, 1987.  While he was with me, I harvested a 12 point buck that weighed in at 175 pounds.  A nice Kansas Deer.  He (see at the left) is in charge of quality control at the pen making station.  Every time I make a pen I am reminded of that hunt with my son.

In 1996 my oldest son, who was then about 25, called and asked if I was going deer hunting.  I told him I was.  He asked if he could go along.  I told him it was too late to get a deer tag.  He said, “I just wanted to come be with you, dad.”  While he was with me, I harvested a 19 point buck that weighed a staggering 275 pounds.  Yep, that one is burned in my memory as well.  He stands guard over the family room.  Every day when I walk into that room I am reminded of that hunt and the joy of having my son with me when I harvested a trophy.


Dusty Old Antlers

Not every buck is a trophy.  In 1988 I harvested a nice 8 point buck.  I saved the rack and for many years I told myself I was going to put it on a plaque and hang it on the basement wall.  I never did.  It laid on a shelf in the garage gathering dust for years.  It was actually stolen in a burglary once and I was pleased that the rack was recovered.  After I started making pens I was thinking about life and came to the realization that I have more life behind me than I have in front of me.

I was thinking about my sons and wondering what I could do for them that would remind them of the good times we’ve had together.  I remembered that set of antlers collecting dust in the garage.  I made them both an antler pen from a deer I harvested.  When they use their pen I hope they will remember the old man.



Memory is an interesting phenomenon.  Many things can trigger our memories: a smell, a sound, a touch, a sight. . . As I pondered those things I began to wonder how many hunters around the world have antlers collecting dust in the garage.  What would it be like for them to have something they could use every day to remind them of their hunt?  I carry my own antler pen on a daily basis.  The texture of the antler, the sight of the pen serves as reminders of the memories of hunts gone by: a Bobcat sitting down 10 feet from us watching six deer that were so close you could hear their teeth tearing the winter wheat, the deer that was standing so close to me that when I turned and saw her I could have touched her.   I don’t know which one of us was more startled!  Those kinds of memories need to be prized and preserved.

The Invitation

The intent of Antler Pen Memories by Jones Pens is to help hunters treasure and preserve their unique hunting memories.  Here is a unique opportunity for you to turn your own dusty old antlers into a daily reminder of your special hunt.  Send us your antlers and we will make you a professionally crafted pen that you can proudly carry on a daily basis.

Your Hunt. Your Deer. Your Antler.

Your Memory!