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Guidelines and Pricing

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Important – Antlers need to cure for at least one year. We prefer that you send us the entire antler in order for us to insure that the antler pieces are long enough and straight enough to become pen tubes.  Drilling straight holes through curved antlers has its hazards.  If we have the whole antler and there is a mishap we will likely be able to cut another length of antler to provide you with your pen.  Frankly, some smaller racks are just too curved and too small in diameter for us to be able to have sufficient length to make a pen.  As you look at your antler there must be TWO fairly straight lengths of at least 3.5 inches in order to make the upper and lower body of the pen.*  We can make pens from curved pieces by adding segments of an acrylic material.  These are beautiful pens.  You can see examples of pens with added material by clicking on our Image Gallery Tab at the top of the page.  They are called ‘segmented’ pens.

All pens are delivered with a velvet carrying pouch.

Product Pricing
(does not include shipping)
Roller Ball Pen $100
Designer Twist Pen $100
Majestic Twist Pens $100
Segmented Pens Add $25
Rosewood Box $10
Simply complete the form on the Contact Us page and we’ll be happy to supply you with our mailing address as well as answer any questions you might have

*Unused antler material will not be returned.  We reserve the right to substitute our antler for antler that is unsuitable for making pen barrels.  If we do substitute our antler we will notify you that we were unable to use your antler.